Helping Labour tackle emerging risks for a brighter future

We create evidence-based guidance aimed at helping decision-makers take immediate action with a long-term impact. We are Labour for the Long Term.


Taking the long-term view

Our aim is to help Labour develop policies that ensure a fairer and safer future. We are facing a number of dangerous risks, from the possibility of another deadly pandemic to runaway climate change. 

The decisions we make now will affect generations to come, and there is a great opportunity for decisive action.


Stay connected

Our network is looking to support Labour by highlighting areas where the party’s policies can naturally include a more long-term focus.

We aim to help put these ideas onto the political agenda and to build on the important work of Labour MPs. This will include producing informative briefings, holding engaging events and providing practical policy recommendations.


Read our latest policy recommendations

Evidenced-based policy briefings to raise awareness of the most important issues for Britain's long-term future.

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National Resilience Framework: Labour's Alternative

In response to the long-awaited National Resilience Framework released by the government in December, Labour for the Long Term builds on Labour's existing resilience commitments to outline the foundations of an alternative Labour Resilience Strategy.
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Submissions to the 2023 National Policy Forum

Labour for the Long Term has made submissions to the 2023 Labour Party National Policy Forum on the topics of AI and data, semiconductor supply chain security, national resilience, and pandemic preparedness.
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R&D For Economic Security From Future Pandemics

Building on Labour’s Industrial Strategy commitment to improve resilience to extreme risks, we recommend that part of the existing commitment to raise R&D spending to 3% of GDP is used to protect businesses and jobs from economic instability that future pandemics may cause.

Any questions?

For further information, policy guidance, press enquires and more, you can get in touch with us via our contact page.