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Join our Labour conference event with Matt Rodda MP: Walking The AI Tightrope

Join Labour for the Long Term on Tuesday 10th October 11-12pm to hear Labour's new Shadow Minister for AI, Matt Rodda, discuss how the next Labour government can walk the AI tightrope between risk and opportunity!

September 2023
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Labour for the Long Term Committee

How can the next Labour government get AI right?

The opportunities of AI are vast, but the technology also presents huge challenges - to jobs, workers’ rights, security and even existential safety. 

Our expert panel, featuring Matt Rodda MP (Shadow Minister for AI) will consider how Labour can walk the tightrope between risk and opportunity - and take action to ensure that AI benefits everyone.

Our full panel includes:

Chair: James Baker: Director and Head of Tech Policy at Labour for the Long Term, Researcher at Harvard Law School

- Matt Rodda: Labour MP for Reading East and Shadow Minister for AI

- Casey Calista: Chair of Labour Digital and Tech Lead at H&K Strategies

- Elliot Jones: Senior Researcher at the Ada Lovelace Institute

- Elizabeth Seger: Researcher at the Centre for the Governance of AI

- Mary Towers: Employments Rights Policy Officer at the Trades Union Congress

The event will take place between 11-12 on Tuesday 10th October in Leonardo's Liverpool Hotel, Meeting Room 1.  This is within the Labour Party Conference secure zone, so you will need a valid conference pass in order to attend the event. A variety of hot and cold breakfast options and refreshments will be available at the event.

For more information about Labour for the Long Term visit our website at: or get in touch at

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