Labour for the Long Term publishes policy briefings that help to raise awareness about and provide policy recommendations on issues relating to Britain's future. These briefings cover a number of issues, from housing to the development of AI.

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Great British Cloud and BritGPT: the UK's AI Industrial Strategy Must Play to Our Strengths

AI is a crucial technology of our time. The UK Government should lay out a plan for founding, and over the next parliament ramping up investment in, two new publicly owned companies: Great British Cloud to £1-10 billion, and BritGPT to up to £1 billion
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Response to the Government’s AI White Paper

In our response to the Government's AI White Paper, we emphasise the need to implement the proposals as quickly as possible, adequately fund and empower the new AI risk function, and develop a cross-sectoral approach to regulate general purpose AI models.
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Submissions to the 2023 National Policy Forum

Labour for the Long Term has made submissions to the 2023 Labour Party National Policy Forum on the topics of AI and data, semiconductor supply chain security, national resilience, and pandemic preparedness.

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