Is Britain prepared for the challenges ahead?

We face significant risks, from climate change to pandemics, to digital transformation and geopolitical tensions. We need social-democratic answers to create a fair and resilient future.

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Our Vision

A leading role for the UK

Many long-term issues have an important political dimension in which the UK can play a leading role. Building on the work of previous Labour governments, we see a future where the UK can play a larger role in areas such as in reducing international tensions and in becoming a world leader in green technology.

The committee

Meet the team

Every member of our committee is passionate about shaping today’s policies to make a long-term impact on the UK and wider world.

James Baker
Executive Director (Policy and Operations)

James is a former diplomat and lawyer. Prior to joining LLT, he worked for the UK Government for five years, advising on AI and technology policy at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, British Embassy in Washington DC, and Department of Science, Innovation and Technology. He started his career as a lawyer at Allen & Overy, and has also worked in both the UK and European Parliament.

Ed Lawrence

Ed is particularly interested in global cooperation on resilience, and has previously worked as a Civil Servant on international trade, animal welfare and transport policy. Outside Labour for the Long Term, Ed's day job is with the Labour Party.

Mirte Boot

Mirte wants to help build a future-proof democracy. She is passionate about risk planning, resilience, and climate breakdown. Outside of Labour for the Long Term, she is the co-director of an NGO for producer accountability for carbon emissions. She has a degree in public policy from Oxford and has previously held research & policy roles at Oxford net zero and a responsible investment NGO.

Tom Blake
Resilience Policy Manager

Tom has previously worked in parliament, led local democracy projects in Manchester, and organised campaigns against climate inaction. His work on resilience policy at Labour for the Long Term focuses on developing policies and campaigns to build national resilience.

David Lawrence

David is particularly interested in foreign policy, technology and China. He works for Chatham House, an international affairs think tank in London, and co-chairs the New Diplomacy Project. He previously worked in Parliament for a Labour MP.

Sabrina Keating
Committee Member

Sabrina is interested in how R&D policy can be designed to mitigate long term risks and implementing evidence-based policy. She is currently completing a degree in Physics at the University of St Andrews, and is also interested in research in neuroscience, biology, and medicine.

Alex Greer
Committee Member

Alex has a particular interest in biosecurity and pandemic preparedness. Outside of Labour for the Long Term, Alex is studying for a PhD in Chemistry at Durham University.

Harry Peto
Committee Member

Harry is a barrister practising in civil and public law. He holds an MPhil in Political Thought from the University of Cambridge and his policy interests include migration, animal welfare, poverty reduction and the ethics of political violence.


Meet the parliamentary supporters of Labour for the Long Term.

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Our community of Labour members is looking to help the party develop its thinking about Britain's future. We aim to achieve this by holding events with MPs and researchers, producing rigorous briefings and providing actionable policy ideas.

Labour for the Long Term is an unincorporated association funded by individual Labour supporters. For more information on our structure and funding, please contact