Our Mission

We advocate within Labour to ensure long-term thinking is at the heart of our policy-making, helping the Party to develop, define and deliver a resilient and just programme of policies.

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Looking Back

Our Origins

Labour for the Long Term grew out of a community of Labour members and activists concerned about the headline-chasing short-termism of Conservative government.

Our government was ill-equipped to meet the challenges posed by climate change, digital transformation and pandemics, and we believed the UK needed social-democratic answers to meet theses challenges head on. We launched in 2022, aiming to bring 'cathedral thinking' to Labour's policy-making and contribute towards the Labour mission for a fair and resilient future.


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Our community of Labour members is looking to help the party develop its thinking about Britain's future. We aim to achieve this by holding events with MPs and researchers, producing rigorous briefings and providing actionable policy ideas.

Labour for the Long Term is an unincorporated association funded by individual Labour supporters. For more information on our structure and funding, please contact committee@labourlongterm.org.