Labour for the Long Term publishes policy briefings that help to raise awareness about and provide policy recommendations on issues relating to Britain's future. These briefings cover a number of issues, from housing to the development of AI.

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Public Services That Work From the Start

The COVID-19 pandemic was a crisis of seismic proportions, leading to the suffering of millions, the deaths of hundreds of thousands, and an unparalleled strain on an already buckling NHS.
 min read

Britain in the World

Over the last six years, Britain's status on the world stage has been undermined by domestic political wranglings, often within the Conservative Party. The current moment calls for historical international leadership from Labour.
 min read

Better Jobs and Better Work

How can we help all workers and businesses gain from new technologies and new ways of working? How can we ensure that technologies don’t become more intrusive and undermine workers’ rights?

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