Governance of Artificial Intelligence Enquiry Briefing

A briefing for Science and Technology Select Committee Labour MPs enquiring into the governance of artificial intelligence. This briefing summarises the AI governance landscape, outlines key challenges the technology presents, and offers policy recommendations to tackle them.

2 Dec
min read

Top Lines:

  • The UK is an important country in the development of AI. The government is currently developing its AI strategy but it fails to protect workers and citizens from harm by the technology.
  • We can better understand the risks from AI to society by separating them into misuse risks, accident risks, and structural risks, each of which requires different governance tools.
  • The Labour Party was founded in part as a reaction to social problems caused by previous waves of technological transformation. These transitions can create the conditions for a better society for all, but this change won’t happen on its own. It will happen through  Labour governments ensuring these technologies serve the interests of society and protecting workers, families and the most vulnerable through these transitions.
  • To improve the UK’s governance of AI, the government should: invest in greater internal government capacity to assess the progress, applications, and societal impacts of AI; create a ‘compute fund’ to provide computational resources to researchers and civil society organisations; and establish the Digital Markets Unit on a statutory footing and fund it adequately.

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